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Introduction To Software Enterprise

What is the Enterprise Software?

What does it mean at first?

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According to the Cambridge Dictionary, it means a large (project)
but ?

or a multipurpose company that has many areas
but ?

or a giant institution looking to discover new things
but ?

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Enterprise Word

Not only does it mean it has anything to do with the labor market, it also has a meaning related to the person himself, what is it?

️If this person was excited
️ or always looking forward to renewal
️ or ready to do his job to the fullest and skillfully
️ or he is ready to fear any big business
Or ready for anything
️ can he take it
️ He always looks for the best
️ Whoever in the right sense wants to reach the highest peak, let it be space

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Well, this is the literal meaning of the word

But we are
S o f t w a r e D e v e l o p e r
What do we care about it?

We are interested in the definition of
Enterprise software

What does it mean?

It is a customized computer program to meet the needs of the company, organization, or institution.
In the sense that it can serve an organization, company, school, clubs, charities, governments, or any large institution that needs a large management system.
Because the
Enterprise Software
It is an information system used on a computer
Or it is a group of computer-based programs called Enterprise
In addition to the word
Enterprise Software
It has another name
and he
Enterprise Application Software


Ok why do we need the Enterprise software?
Image enterprise

In continuation of our talk about the Enterprise

[ Why do we need Enterprise Software and what services does it provide? ]
We will find the well-known services and for which you will find a famous degram that is provided by the Enterprise
They are services in :

Human Resource
( HR )

How to create a complete employee database and benefit from each person's experience in the most appropriate way

( the sales )

About how to implement orders, arrange them, ship them, collect invoices, and all transactions related to the sale process


It is reported that any financial operation is carried out automatically with the programs allocated to it, in addition to ensuring the system in the accounts, avoiding errors, and working to improve the overall performance first.

Customer Service

About that we obtain and maintain customer relationships, facilitate the use of customer experiences, and evaluate knowledge management, and this ensures the good relationship between the supplier and his customer

( Purchases )

We achieve maximum cost savings by supporting the procurement and logistics processes from start to finish


It helps in planning and improving manufacturing capacity and available resources, and this makes you produce better and faster.


About how to control warehousing operations, manage warehouse movement, and respond faster to challenges and changes in supply and demand that change according to the customer's needs.

Corporate performance and governance

Its goal is to simplify the company's services and gain more control over the companies' services.

in addition to

Its goal is to focus on foreign strategies

Business intelligence

Its goal is to analyze the data and convert it into information that I can use

Enterprise asset management

Efficiently manage the life cycle of available or fully used resources and improve their use and reduce their costs through powerful analysis of them.

Write By " Aya Baghdadi "