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S T A R T , N O W !
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Try to take advantage of whatever time is available to you
Even if you have a day, an hour or a minute left
Take advantage of all the time
Don't worry, I won't catch up
Leave your slogan, even if you don't catch up, so save what can be saved
Don't let the whole world drown from you
You won't know how to get it later
Start the rescue operation now
Even if you have seconds
Maybe 5 seconds to make a decision that will make a difference in your life Seek
Don't worry I'm late
Don't worry, I won't catch up
Don't worry, I missed a lot
Don't worry, I started late
Don't worry, don't drive it
Instead of one person, you can, too
But you don't wait
Get up, start and make the most of every minute

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The need for effort is evident 💫
What I play in will appear
Your intention was pure, and it is implemented by living
Everything you do with conscience and sincerity, you will do it even if you don't find a result at the time Work conscientiously
Work conscientiously
Do good conscientiously
Walk your way conscientiously
Don't walk on the edge of the road in everything in your life
Let all your tasks, even if simple, be done in a way that suits you
You are not little
Let the need come out from under your hand in a way that makes you completely satisfied with yourself
And watch yourself later, when you are left with just one person standing in line to one person, then it's over at the beginning of the road

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Striving not only makes you satisfied with yourself, striving makes you get closer to your dream, striving makes you confident, you say I'm trying, I'm tired, I don't know what to do, but striving will make you another person, it will make you proud of yourself for your attempts even if you don't reach the end, but you won't lose

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If anyone has information
Rushing to judge the credibility of this information will waste you
Think, search and ask first
Even if the way you received the information was not appropriate and made you question its credibility
It is possible that the person does not know how to reach it, so you lose that you were stubborn in the wrong or underestimated the right thing

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A smart programmer, in my opinion, is the one who takes advantage of the available resources in front of him first, making the best use and benefit, and then looking for others, not the other way around.

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Your plans don't have to be perfect, a day will come and you will feel the difference and the tiredness of the years will not go to waste #Turning Point

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on your way
You will go through periods of weakness
Then despair
I don't know how to reach
Stay on your way
Try again
You go out of your way with a distance
You close the distance and go back on your way again
You find it still difficult, but a little better than the first
Your brain would like to open up
But you don't reach
You feel sorry for the time and effort
Stay on your way
You will be stubborn
And you will fail
Mild failure, but still on your way
You will find the road difficult
It's hard
It's hard
Every day is hard
And between a minute and the next
You find the difficult in a second, so it's easy
And the world opened up
And I understood everything
And I knew what to do
And I stayed in the middle of the road
And I see another
And you won't succeed
And they ask you what you did to get there
Tell them and with pride
Because despite the despair, I kept walking on the road

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Every person after 10 years will be smart..
But there is someone who will be very smart, and someone else will be half as good.

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The will to succeed and believe in yourself and your abilities
If it does not come from within you, your life will succeed
If you, our Lord, honored you with His giving and succeeded in your path
And I understood what are the reasons for your success after the reasons for the will of your Lord
At that time, you can't decide that you are, for example
You will make your son like you and succeed the same as your success
You are seeking it
But if you don't succeed as expected, you will get depressed
It is possessed by heartbreak, upset, and doubt in your beliefs
Who thinks it is one of the reasons for your success
If the will to succeed emanates from the person himself
His life will not reach even if who is behind him
Instead of tying it, but the methods of success, provide it with guiding it with confidence
And the motives that make him able to make reasons for success come from his own experience

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You may go to a station in your life once, 2, and 10
But that doesn't mean you fell short
And it doesn't mean that you failed
It is enough for you to do what you have to do
Your quest is enough
Your efforts are enough
Don't give up try for the 100th time
One day will come and you will succeed and reach
But then you tell your success story
The story will be better because it will not only be a success story, it will be a story of victory
You will say in it that I faced, fought and won, and in the end I succeeded..

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The beginning of the road is difficult, it is more difficult to withstand it, and it is more difficult to overcome it
But with our Lord's ease and mercy upon us, and His grace upon us, we will meet the world in an unexpected place
But exactly as our Lord Almighty said (With hardship there is ease, with hardship there is ease)
After hardship, we will surely find ease
So do not rule out that after the hardship and fatigue you are in now, it will end tomorrow and you will find ease...